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About MyDrCares: Help Doctors Help Patients

During the COVID-19 crisis, MyDrCares is raising donor funds for hard-hit patients in NY, NJ and CT.
Funds raised are matched with Patient Compassion Funds from doctor practices in each state to cover out-of-pocket bills for non-Medicare patients via secure MyDrCares prepaid VISA debit cards. As the crisis transitions, MyDrCares continues to raise and run Patient Compassion Funds for practices nationwide.
MyDrCares is a League Network PBC fundraising and payment platform, run on the nation's safest network--Chase, VISA, Alphascrip and Regions Bank. MyDrCares is headquartered on the campus of New Jersey Institute of Technology, led by 5-exit technology CEO Jay Whitehead and backed by over two dozen venture capital, impact, corporate and international investors. Follow MyDrCares on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

MyDrCares Leadership

The MyDrCares team has led over a dozen IT, media and fundraising startups. Our leaders are honored to work alongside an ever-growing team of expert campaign Captains, Campaign Managers and associates.

Jay Whitehead
Jay Whitehead

Jay has led over a dozen IT, HR, media and fundraising startups and has 5 exits.

BA from UCLA, Strategic Finance Certificate from Harvard Business School.

Anne-Sophie Whitehead
Anne-Sophie Whitehead

Anne-Sophie is an award-winning CMO and COO in IT, HR and media. She has 3 exits.

BS from ICN France, MBA from UCL Belgium

Gurvinder Batra
Gurvinder Batra

Gurvinder has led development of over 200 successful apps, and has 2 exits in IT & media.

BE from Jamia Millia Islamia India

Alex Prasad
Alex Prasad

Alex is a venture capital and business attorney who also led media operations at the Big 10 Network.

BA from U Michigan, JD from U Notre Dame

How It Works--Help Doctors Help Patients

MyDrCares Patient Compassion Funds help doctors help eligible patients pay non-Medicare out-of-pocket costs. MyDrCares raises Patient Compassion Funds from donors and sponsors and are matched by participating physician practices. Participating practices help MyDrCares identify eligible patients, who receive secure prepaid MyDrCares VISA debit cards to cover patient costs for visits, meds, tests, transport or hospital stays. MyDrCares runs on the nation's most secure and compliant network--Chase, VISA, Alphascrip and Regions Bank. Nominal transaction and payment fees apply to funds raised.

How It Works


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