About MyDrCares

MyDrCares Patient Compassion Funds are the 100% compliant way to get your practice's patients back.    
Funds are raised and run by MyDrCares, and offer out-of-pocket assistance to a practice's non-Medicare patients via secure MyDrCares prepaid VISA debit cards.  MyDrCares institutional partners include Regions Bank, WePay/Chase, Alphascrip, and VISA.   

MyDrCares is a League Network PBC fundraising and payment platform, run on the nation's safest network--Chase, VISA, Alphascrip and Regions Bank.   MyDrCares is headquartered on the campus of New Jersey Institute of Technology, led by 5-exit technology CEO Jay Whitehead and backed by over two dozen venture capital, impact, corporate and international investors.  Follow MyDrCares on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.